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Should www.drLaser.org article announcements be posted on this Forum?

  • Keep the old vang, but add new deck cleats, cunny, and outhaul

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  • Keep old outhaul (thimbled, 3:1), keep old cunny, buy new vang system

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  • Add some blocks to the old outhaul and cunny, and buy a new vang system

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  • Add blocks to the old vang and buy the new outhaul/cunny system with deck cleats

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  • YES!!!

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  • NO!!!

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  • yes

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  • hell yea

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  • who is this guy

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  • No

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  • Yes, but only in the "Public Announcements" section

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  • Yes, but only in the most relevant Forum section

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  • Yes, and in all related Forum sections (except "Chit Chat")

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  • Yes, and in all relevant Forum sections, plus "Chit Chat"

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  • Yes, in the "Public Announcements" Forum, plus "Chit Chat"

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Thread starter #1

With my "drLaser" hat on, I regularly announce on the "NA Mailing List" any new articles published on the drLaser web site.

These announcements are posted sometimes once a month, sometimes once a week, usually within 15 minutes of publication. The articles published are sometimes for all sailors, sometimes available to only ILCA Members under password protection. Sometimes, an article will have both a members-only version as well as a shorter, simpler non-members version.

Actually, all changes in the drLaser web site are accessible with a "RECENT CHANGES" button on the site, but as a courtesy to subscribers, I was also announcing it on the "List" to prevent unnecessary trips to www.drLaser.org.

The question is in the poll... which will stay open for 30 days.

I would appreciate private comments from anyone, especially from the "Moderator Group" of the Forum.

Best regards,

Dr. Shevy Gunter
Editor, drLaser

New Topic Added to Poll.


Thread starter #2
DO IT! I couldn't understand that funky mailing list. When I signed up I got sent like 500 emails and it was to much so I just deleted them!


Thread starter #3
I am tinkering with the forums, I have created a public announcements forum, and I think I am going to combine computer help with General Discussion b/c I don't think it needs its own thread, as this is a laser board.
So shevy please post them in the Public Announcements Section. Thanks!