Drain plug

I assume it's not illegal to install a drain plug low on the transom.
BTW, Anybody know history behind putting it by the gunwale instead of the transom?

Speaking of drain plugs, mine is leaking. Seems to be weeping by the outside of the plug sleeve. Any suggestions for a fix? Does it screw in tighter or do I need epoxy?
Remove the plug, coat with a little silicon sealer and screw the plug back in. It should not leak but can be opened later with a screw driver if you need to drain the hull.

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY


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Another day of sailing, and nothing came out of the drain plug—so I think that the one rainy day we had last week—caused rainwater to enter the hull's interior through small cracks in the footwell. Because my Sunfish is stored on rollers, I can see a lot of flex under the footwell. Another "wild-card" in this mix, is that I've switched to a Barrington daggerboard that is a very tight fit.

Through the drain plug hole, I "routed" what I could reach with a two-foot-long spade bit, but didn't seem to hit any "pay dirt". :oops:

As to pressure-testing, I'm not inclined to repair a daggerboard leak—if I had one—especially as it's still nice sailing weather. :D

Just blow into the hull then tape over the plug hole. Use soap bubble mix over the mast it will confirm if the mast is the problem. Tape the bottom of the centerboard trunk then use the soap mix over the centerboard top. Check the boat edge seams and around the bailer.
I did try blowing into the hull, and just got sorta dizzy. ;)