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Down-Ratcheting Web Straps


I finally got the hull hung upside down from the garage ceiling so I can drive the truck underneath for loading.

The straps are of the narrower variety, and "down-ratcheting" to lower onto the roof is a "1 inch at a time" evolution. I usually end up dropping the hull onto the roof from 6 inches.

Does anyone know of ratcheting straps that lengthen under control?

I've tried Home Depot and Harbor Freight, but theirs are built for truckers tying down a load, not lowering down a hull.

Happy Labor Day!


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Harken makes a garage ceiling storage system designed to raise and lower boats onto vehicles , saw one at rei and it looked good , however @$120 kinda spendy.

Edward Teach

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Does anyone have any experience with the Harken Hoister? If so, how do you like it? Is it easy to use and install? I was looking at these online and I am considering one for the winter lay up.


minas man

My brother in-law bought one of the Laser sell offs after the 2009 world Laser's championship here in Nova Scotia. I was called in to install the Harken hoister. Finding the joists and then attaching the 2x6 to ceilling was the biggest job. The system works great enables the single handed loading of boat to roof of car with no sweat or scratches.