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Double Sunfish trailer with Opti


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I have a Harbor Freight folding trailer for general purpose use.

I need to make it handle 2 sunfish and one opti. One sunfish is the newer style that is over 48" wide that I am not sure would fit between uprights if I had the boats flat.

I was going to stack them and put the opti on top as it is the lightest. I did some quick checks and find the new style rolled edge Sunfish are a bit wider then 48" so I am not sure if it would fit between 2 upright posts.

Then I started thinking I could do an A frame type and have the 2 sunfish at an angle and put the opti flat down the center.

I have some 2x4's I was given so that was going to be my main material. I will do gussets out of metal or ply. Anyone with thoughts on which might be wiser? I am not intending on traveling long distances just the 15 miles to the club and back.