Double hiking strap?

Rob B

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I don't consider you a fool. I'm just a DIY person. Having been a rigger through high school and college makes laser work sooo easy compared to doing a complete bottom job on a C & C 41 or an engine install and that other stuff. Yuk! Actually, it was those Damn bottom jobs that made me realize I needed a college education.

Ross B

yea, thats understandable.

I was just getting the feeling over here that you did not consider me a competent sailor because I took my boat to someone to get done. Which is far from true. During my Sabot days (think Opti) my Dad and I always took care of the boats ourselves. It now just easier to take it to someone else, as I don't have to time to it myself, and I trust my guy. I take care of all my surfboards myself, which is very similar, and that is a hobby. Racing is what I do, and I want it done by a professional.