Double-hander dinghy suggestions

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My parents are wanting a boat to sail together. They know how to sail, they weigh about 140kgs all up and want something that they could race in the future.

Ideally the boat would have three sails and no trapeze. A swing centreboard would be nice and the class must be readily available in Australia.

Even though it doesn't meet some of the criteria, my parents are currently considering a Taser. However, any other suggestions would be appreciated.
At 140 kgs they're almost spot-on for a fireball! yes they have a trapeze, but the hullform is very stable, so it makes a good platform to learn the skills. I think Aus has the second largest FB fleet in the world, with the UK being no.1. I taught my fiance how to sail, use a kite, and trapeze on one! Now she's a competent sailor in her own right.

Go here for a look!
I like the sound of a fireball, mopre stable than other boats of its speed range, look great in wood deck, sounds suitable if your parents are competant sailors (and can swim) and are lots of fun!