Dolphins in Galveston Bay

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Does anyone know about dolphins and if they are natural residents of Galveston Bay? Today was the second time I've seen some. While sailing in our Long Distance Race in very light wind, I noticed two dolphins swimming perpendicular to shore, about 300-400 yards offshore. This is the second time I've seen doplhins in the bay here. The first time was about a month ago. I saw a dorsal fin break the surface about 20 feet from me (I was sailing my Radial). I could tell it wasn't a shark; the curvature was different than the sharks we have around here, plus a bit big. I looked again, and there were four or five doplhins in a pod arching in and out of the water heading perpendicular away from shore. I got a good look at their heads as they surfaced and heard them blow air through their blowholes. The sight was amazing. I would have tried to keep up with them, but they were heading straight upwind. I've asked others at the club if they've seen them, and only one other person so far has. Anybody have any info about Doplhins in Galveston Bay, or the Gulf of Mexico near Houston?


odinsvitskjaldr said:
Anybody have any info about Doplhins in Galveston Bay, or the Gulf of Mexico near Houston?
Well, I haven't been to Galveston Bay, but I've seen plenty of dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico off of Sarasota, FL when we visit there in the winter.
I'm pretty sure you guys should have dolphins. We have lots of dolphins in the area i sail and even manatees and it really sucks when you hit one when you put your centerboard down on top of one like a freind of mine did, they went crazy.
Hi sailor327, do you mean that the dolphins will go crazy if they got disturbed by sailboat? I thought they are kind-hearted and gentle mammals...

Last year November, I have seen a flipping tail out of the coastal area where I sailed. It did look like a dolphin. All the kids went shouting 'dolphins!!!!!...' at the top of their voice. Cos it was least expected that dolphins will appear in this coastal area.
haha no i was talking about the mannatees but they dont really go crazy when you put your center board down on top of them, they just get a little pissed off.

oh and i dont know where you heard that dolphins a freindly animals. Sure flipper and all the dolphins at the dolphin park are nice but in reality they are vicious man eating creatures who eat little kids for snacks.:p ;)
That's awesome, I love sailing with Dolphins.

We went to watch the 16ft skiffs racing once and a pod of 4-5 dolphins was coming out of the channel with the boats. They were swimming all around them, jumping out of the water, swimming under the boats - putting on a bit of a show. It was awesome.

They also swam in the bow wave of the Young Endeavour for a long time during my voyage - that was an incredible experience.

I've hit a huge turtle with a centreboard once - I felt really bad, even though the shell is so thick it probably wouldn't have even noticed.