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Dolphin Sr. Rigging Questions


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I"ve got a 73 Dolphin Sr. that I've had for a few years, I've been sailing it as it was when I got it but I'm interested in in doing some upgrades. The highest on the list is to replace this existing swiveling cam cleat. It is mounted vertically like this and it isn't ideal. I've been thinking about replacing it with a ratchet block and since most of the sailing I do is on smaller lakes I might forgo the cam cleat all together. I don't really want to drill any holes on the deck as I'm not sure what the backing situation right there. My two thoughts so far were to add a short loop of line from the existing hardware and attach the new block or to find or fabricate a angle bracket that would attach to the existing holes and then allow me to mount the new block vertically like you see on a lot of Sunfish. Any thoughts?



What if you used an eyestrap that had hole spacing that matched the current hole spacing for mounting your swiveling cam cleat? Then you could use a ratcheting block like a Sunfish is set up with, but maybe skip the stand-up spring and instead use a loop of line like you mentioned if you want it a little higher up?