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I have a nice Kitty Hawk trailer for transport (gunwale supports), but am looking for input on using the trailer or getting a dolly for launching.

Some questions:
- Is it OK to use Kitty Hawk and roll it into water (hubs are well under water; fresh water, not salt). I can easily re-lub bearings and install bearing buddies to make it easier to do more frequently. Trailex (not kitty hawk) said to lube the bearings every 3 years.

- Or, should I get a dolly? There is a used Trailex near me at a decent price, but it does not have gunwale or a sling supports. Has supports under the hull. Is this bad for the hull?
Some pics of a Force5 on the trailer. Trailer is a Trailex Universal Dolly(SUT-300U). Can't add link to post...

- Or, I can convert it to a sling dolly, but extra cost.

Thanks for your expertise!


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My recommendation is to add Bearing Buddies to your Kitty Hawk and perhaps convert the lights to water rated LEDs. If your goal is to reduce the weight or to have both a dolly and trailer available depending on road travel or not, I'd look at some of the dollies made just for Lasers. Compare the weights of the Trailex to dollies made for a Laser.

Depending on your terrain, a dolly with fat tires can be very helpful. I own and am happy with a Wheelez with the largest low pressure tires they offered for it. That really helps on loose sand. Wheelez seems to be the king of big fat tires.:)

Your Kitty Hawk is a gem and extinct, I think.
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