Dogs Disrupt Florida Masters Regatta


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Palm Beach, Florida, USA (From wire reports): Betty Schrartz of Palm Beach who was excercising Bosco the Chocolate Labrador and Fluffy the Golden Retriever made life much more difficult for the participants in the Florida Masters Laser Series Sunday.

A task that used to be accomplished by shuffling around in the waist deep water until stumbling in to the aluminum tubes was suppposed to be easier this year.

Apparently, Bradley Green, (moderator and owner of the donated tennis balls with strings threaded through so the geriatric sailors could tie those strings in place and easily locate the walkers they have always simply abandoned near shore.

After Sunday's racing and upon the return of the fleet to the harbor, regatta organizers had to scramble and begin delivery of full cups of cold beer to cranky tired competitiors who were briefly stranded in the water.

" My puppies were just doing what comes naturally and I thought the aluminum tubes were probably flotsam from a cruise ship, " Ms Schwartz told reporters.

The pile of walkers near a dumpster behind the clubhouse was discovered by a couple apprentices who were "sneaking off to roll and share one" and all the able bodied Masters and Grand Master gathered the walkers and delivered them to the stranded and frustrated geezers.

After a nap, the trophies were presented well before the sailors retired to their motel rooms to doze off while watching a Sunday night Re-run of the Lawrence Welk Show.

Further details and photos are available at
...Of course, maybe Brad would become confused about the plane trip to China and end up with the Germans ...
Thanks Fred for the finally good news.
In the moment, it seems that of six Laserites of GER at Terrigal Alex, is on the way to get the ticket to Quingdao/CHN, aft the results of 8 races he is 10th. Alex already did try to get the ticket to Athens 2004, but finally none Laserite of GER has been allowed to start at Athens (a very-very disappointing decision of the NOC of GER... ). I never have seen Alex, but with great respect I (and many more here at GER) say: "Go for it, Alex! - Now or Never"



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"Go for it, Alex! - Now or Never"


Now is great but he can try again next time too. sailorts age more slowly than most competitive athletes.

Many of us over here believe that either Steve Bourdow or Mark Mendelblatt could still grab a Laser, tune up for a few months and dominate the NA Laser racing scene.
Many of us over here believe that either Steve Bourdow or Mark Mendelblatt could still grab a Laser, tune up for a few months and dominate the NA Laser racing scene.
Apropos Tennis, gouv:
Boris Becker once said (translated with my own words, Lu): "The difference bettween a young pro and an old pro is: the old one perhaps is able to win the final match Wimbledon one time again - but, he does need so much more time to regenerate than the young pro, for that the old pro is not fit again to win also the final match at the US Open."

In our days, we not should forget: The likelihood the get a heart-attack by sailing a Laser most competitive is much higher than to get a heart-attack by playing squash...

Mark Mendelblatt now sails the Matchrace Pro Tour, I guess. There he earns a lot of more money there, than with pro-sailing a Laser.

If one cut an old tennis ball in two equal pieces and drill a hole in the mid of one of those, one ins able to use that half with the hole as a cheap "standup spring" for the ratchet block (save 1,55 $ to buy some sweeties for the two dogs above ...). I have seen that, nice idea a while ago at a photo of a pro Laserite, but I'm not sure it is was Mark Mendelblatt or Steve Bourdow of someone else, gouv.
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The word handull, later respelled as handle originated from the practice of wrapping leather around the otherwise sharp edges of rusted tillers.

The handle pictured below is from a modern tennis racquet.