Does your Sunfish have a name?

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I was sailing out in the Folly River the other day and met someone who had just recently bough a early 1990s sunfish. We sailed around a bit together and I noticed on the side of the hull was lettered "The Baroness." Was wondering if anyone here has named their boat? If so, do you have it on the hull or elsewhere?
My boat is not named, but you do see some people that do. Nightsailor has a fleet of named and themed boats (very cool).

What excites me is that you are sailing in the Folly River. Living on the back side of FB, that is literally my back yard. JIYC summer series (mostly sunfish) starts this Thursday night. If you don't know, it's open to non-members and is good fun for beginners as well as experienced sailors. Send me a private message for more on that.
I am up to seven Sunfishes now. I just bought older one with a red deck and white hull.

They all have names in 3" Times Roman red vinyl graphics

Patriot & Threat


Wasp--graphics install last month--no picture yet
Blackjack--graphics not ordered yet
Dixie--graphics not installed yet
Canada --This is not my boat. Canada is a 60' glass Sunfish, white with a red deck. I designed this sail and had a bunch built and kept one for myself--Canada need some some work--very heavy and water-logged, modified rudder done poorly. I think red name graphics will look great. I need to decide how far I want to take restoring the boat.
I've entered regattas with my 'Fish under the name "Slowly Sideways". It's not painted on her hull or anything, but it works.
"Titanic". The old AMF warrantee specifically guaranteed it against sinking, and we all know how well that turned out the last time.

In hindsight, I think it's appropriate because the boat has always been a leaker.
Re: Does your Sunfish have a name? CHRIO

Chrio is hebrew for Luke and means anointed for service. I am hoping to use the fish with youth groups to share God's word.
Hi, new to this forum with my freshly bought '83 sunfish ... I was considering naming her "endless summer".
What's best in your opinion : vynil sticks, or paint ?