Does my Drysuit Leak?

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Hi guys,
I have found recently that after sailing with my drysuit, the amount of water inside it is crazy. How much is supposed to get in through condensation? Sometimes, I am warmer in my wetsuit. I wonder if my drysuit is leaking, because I get cold in it easily, and after 4 hours of saliling, there is enough water in it to filll both booties up. Do you guys think it leaks, and how much water should there be in the booties after sailing for 4 hours.

Thanks guys
A dry suit, especially if it is not one with breathable fabric, can indeed collect a considerable amount of water from your body. I've often wondered the same thing after wearing my dry suit.

If you jump in the water with your suit on for a few minutes you can see if it leaks. You won't get much water from your body in just a few minutes, but if it has a significant leak, you'll get water inside.

Be sure to wear some wicking fabric layer(s) inside the dry suit, otherwise you WILL get cold. The dry suit will keep you dry, but offers very little insulation. It needs insulating layers inside. And the dry suits made of breathable fabric (Gortex, etc.), while more expensive, definitely work better because less water from your body builds up inside.
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Thanks. It happens all the time, because of launching, and if I do capsize. I wear gill hydrophobic gear underneath. Even wearing 3 layers (I kid you not) of long underwear, I was stilll freezing (last winter). What is interesting is the water always seemes to be cold, but that could be from sitting.