Does Honeybear have a Laser tattoo?


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I was reading an old Laser Sailor magazine that Fred Schroth (Gouvernail) was kind enough to send me. In the article "Happnin' Fleets Don't Just Happen," he gives advice on what it takes to have a successful fleet. Besides the usual have fun/be helpful, he advises putting puppies in your cockpit while you work on your boat, or getting a Laser tattoo. So Fredders, do you have a Laser tattoo, and if so, where is it? Is it just a Laser burst, or is it our beloved boat?


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No. I don't have any.

The first tatoos I saw as a small child were on a Polish immigrant woman who lived down the street from me and was the mother of one of my buddies. My friend's older brother had a tatoo just like his mother's. Neither tatoo was received willingly.

I pretty much think tatoos are something Hitler and his Nazis forced upon people who didn't agree with him.

My parents side won.
I don't have to get any tatoos.


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I agree, that was pretty deep, and it raises the question of why you would suggest getting a Laser tattoo. I meant this thread as a bit of teasing for what I saw as an off the wall suggestion for fleet building. Fred, my friend, it now seems even more off the wall if that's the way you feel about tattoos. Your first introduction to them was REALLY CREEPY.
Wow. I guess we all have attitudes to stuff based on childhood experiences that other folk may not understand at first. My take is that my parents' side won so we have the freedom to do lots of stuff that we might not otherwise have, including tattoo the Laser logo all over our bodies if that is our thing.

Or do we? Better check out the this thread on trademarks first and see what Mr SailChris has to say about it.

Hitler lost but the lawyers are still fighting.


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The "Get a tatoo suggestion" in my Happnin' fleets article was probably based more upon the following thought process>

You could be like the classic kid who is in love and get's that lover's name as a tatoo.
Just like the first love tatoo it would be pretty absurd to have that Laser tatoo and explain it 20 or thirty years from now.

Mostly I think tatoos are really terrifically stooooopid and whenever I see a tatoo on anybody I wonder, "What issues does that person have that caused a need for self mutilation?"

It is like the guys with the shaved heads. I think...Head lice

We all have our particular prejudices. and no one requires them to be rationally attained