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Do I need a trapeze ring with a block?


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It seems like most boats I see have a hoist-ring with a block (pulley) on them, but some dinghies, like the C420, don't.
This makes me wonder if that's because a lot of Club 420's are crewed by young kids who don't weigh enough to warrant having a 2:1 ratio on the trap line.

I weigh in at about 220lbs (I'm working on getting down to 195), but I don't plan to stand on the rail.
My plan for the trap line, as I've discussed in other threads, is for added lower back support while hiking out, but seated, on the gunwale.

Because I won't be standing with all my weight sticking out over the water, I'm curious if I need the second block/pulley at all. I am installing a cleat with a block for adjusting the length of the trap line, and the two blocks would work well together, but leaving out the ring w/block would save me a bundle.

I can get a "regular" ring with no block for about $8 each, but the version with the blocks, runs about $35 each. :confused: :eek: . That's quite an increase in expense.

Just curious what others recommend.





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The short answer to the title question is no! You can lead the control line through a blockless ring and still have a 2:1. That is fairly common on 420s and other trapeze boats. I've seen only 49ers use a 1:1.