Do I need a 3D format for a marine navigator?


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Hello! :) I'm new to this field. I have a friend, Mikka, who is an experienced sailor. We're arguing about marine navigators, and I'd like to know the truth. My view is that all marine navigators are the same and have no differences from each other. I believe that all navigators can be loaded onto a phone and used to determine location, display weather, etc.

Mikka disagrees with me and claims that all navigators are different and that they are all bad except for the one he uses (I'm not sure if I can name it without giving the impression of advertising). Mikka praises his navigator for displaying 3D maps and being able to calculate the ship's draft using data on the ship's characteristics and marking off zones on the map where the ship cannot go. But isn't this feature available on other modern navigators? Even if it's not available, how much more convenient is a navigator with a 3D display format?