Do bailer balls need rubber seals?

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I've taken a post-73 Sunfish "new-style" bailer apart and the nylon ball looks like it seats directly against the bottom of the cap without any rubber seat. However, the part number 91301 ball kit includes rubber seats for the ball to seal against. Does my bailer need these rubber seats? If so, I guess maybe the old rubber seat disintegrated while the hull was hanging in the rafters for the past 35 years.


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It's a rubber sleeve that keeps the ball in when the plug is removed. The ball is meant to float up and seal against the bottom of the sleeve. It's not really worth the effort to fix as the bailer is basically a trailer drain plug. NOS sleaves have shrunk over time and just flop around in the bailer. Better off just going sailing.
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Thanks! I'll upload some pics after I get it in the water. New sail and parts are on their way now. I think it's a 1976 model according to the Chrysler Boat info plate on the trailer (assuming the trailer was bought new with the boat). The top of the hull has diagonal red/blue stripes in front of coaming and behind the cockpit.

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There might be a Hull ID Number (HIN) on the upper right transom. If so the last 2 digits are year.

76 was a big RedWhite Blue year because of the Bicentennial.