District 12 Grand Prix - Standard Rig (Laser.org)

Rob B

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The District 12 Championship is underway at the Beaufort Sailing and Yacht Club with 35 sailors in the Standard rig, 12 in the Radial and 2 4.7! Check out the results for the Standard, Radial and 4.7s. Also check out the cool video at the District 12 Championships website!

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That was Awsome! Big kudos to Walt Gnann for putting that together. It was a stellar weekend and the BYSC did an increadible job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was great being back on the water. Was October really that long ago??

I'll see all you fellow old farts at the Masters NA's

Definitely an awesome weekend! Lots of photos, too - thanks for those. And the prime rib on Saturday evening - wow!

BYSC did a great job hosting this regatta. I haven't been in the boat for a while, so it felt good to get out there, see old friends, and make new ones.

Cool t-shirt, too!

Thanks again!