Discarding leaky bailer on phantom.

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I have been reading a lot of info on leakage of phantoms around the bailer.I am going to remove the bailer entirely and only use a plug.I have done the same thing with my sunfish and it has worked well since I only sail a lake.removing the phantom bailer entirely leaves 4 holes..I will epoxy these over and use a plug in the remaining 3\4 inch hole...any feedback would be greatly appreciated.Thanks
I am one of those Phantom owners who had a leak in the bailer area. Water leaked into the hull interior, but it was an easy fix. I removed the old bailer and then found the leak in the wall of the through-hull bailer hole. I filled the cracked area with thickened exoxy and then installed a new bailer assembly that I got from Craig Obara ("Sailcafty" here on the Forum.) The new assembly worked great and no more leaks. The cockpit auto bailer is is nice to have - hate to see you glass it over if your fix is as easy as mine.

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY