Dingy Wrangling & How Shallow Can You Go?

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The published draft with board up is 4 inches on the majority of 'authoritative' documents that I've run across and this weekend we tested that to the limits. We had unbelievably nice weather in the Hampton Roads region over the holiday weekend so we took the Capri out a few times between Poquoson and York Town where there are miles of 1 foot depths on the charts.

The pictures say it all... one of our passengers jumped out at one point and 'wrangled' us to a stop with the jib sheet in only a few inches of water. Another group of kayakers paddled by near us and said they were sure we were a 'remote control' boat when they first saw us up in the flats cause no 'real boats' cruise around in there.

Needless to say we appreciated the minimal draft this boat requires and in light air we were able to slightly over point on a reach with only a couple inches of board down to track well on our desired course. All sorts of good stuff!

(Perhaps if I did the math she only draws 3.14" in salty water while the 4" was fresh water numbers... whatever the case it's an amazing boat)

Azalea 28 Nov 15 001.JPG Azalea 28 Nov 15 007.JPG Azalea 28 Nov 15 015.JPG Azalea 28 Nov 15 016.JPG Azalea 28 Nov 15 018.JPG Azalea 28 Nov 15 024.JPG Azalea 28 Nov 15 105.JPG Azalea 28 Nov 15 110.JPG Azalea 28 Nov 15 161.JPG Azalea 28 Nov 15 170.JPG
Very impressive. Especially with four in the boat too. The shallowest I've dared go (deliberately) is a foot. Of course, I've bumped the board inadvertently a few times. Good thing it kicks up. (the lake - a former quarry - is full of sandy 'hills'.
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Having the board kick back is ridiculously important. We race Sunfish here too and I've had some awkward smacks with the up/down centerboards that make me think something will need fixin'