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dinghy racing management


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Does anyone here know about managing dinghy racing in the USA? I'm an enthusiastic club volunteer running racing events in the UK, and some friends and I developed software to help with the duty rota for race committee jobs. It's 50% hobby for us, but is proving very popular and we would like to see it help clubs in the US too. We have tried mailing a sample of clubs, but have received no response. We wonder whether things are done differently over there? Are your race teams and safety boats volunteers? Do they need to be coaxed to give up a weekend's sailing to help run racing? Do they forget when they are rostered? Maybe there is already popular US software for club duty rotas? Would it be a problem using a website outside the US?

Thanks for any help...


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Do you have a website with information about your software? A lot of regatta organizers read the forum and may see your software here. I'm curious to see what you have.

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