Digital compasses???

I see that the current rules prohibit electronic compasses. My guess is because of the price versus a standard compass. Prices have come down and used ones are available now.

Does anyone know if there is a movement among the technical committee to revisit this prohibition? Having used both, I don't believe it gives you any special speed advantage, it's just easier to read and that is even debatable from the guys who swear by the standard compasses.

Many digital compasses give header/lift info, which would give the user a major advantage. I have heard of no movement towards legalizing them and I hope we keep the ban in place. BB
While there are some digital compasses that give lift/header information, there are also some that do not. The compasses that do not provide this information shouldnt be a problem and I think it would be worthwhile for the class to consider these compasses as equal to a standard card compass.
A digital compass with header lift info frees up your brain from having to remember numbers all the time. Not that numbers bother me in any way, but it is more fun to sail than to do math ;)

On the same note, there are a lot of standard tactical type compasses which offer easy ways to keep track of brearings (rotating bezels, multiple lubber lines, color quadrants, and numbering systems on the card). I just prefer the digital because it is easy. If I was going across the ocean...I'd bring along a standard compass.