Digg-like Site for Sailing News?


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Hi All,

I've been doing some work with a program like digg.com for a class I'm taking but have targeted it specifically at sailing. Basically it is a user generated site with a bit of a social theme where users can upload and vote on sailing news stories and a top stories front page is generated. User particpation and feedback is really important for the site so I figured I'd try to you guys to give me some feedback both good and bad. Is it useable? what do you guys think?
right now it is located at http://www.sailfire.com . Register or Don't. Use it or tear it apart, tell me what you think of it.


*Yes I also posted this on Sailing Anarchy, not trying to spam just looking for constructive feedback. Have any questions? just reply to the post and I'll try to answer them.

Ross B

we have sailing anarchy, but your idea seems pretty cool, good job on thinking outside of the box!