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Diet program for my 2000 sunfish


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I recently bought a 2000 sunfish. When I looked at her prior to the sail it seemed water free - I could not hear any water in the hull.
After I got her home I discovered some water. I installed an inspection port aft of the combing and bailed about 2 qts of water.
I did a soap test and found a small leak and minor damage in the daggerboard trunk - I plan to repair it mostly from the outside and with some glass on the inside.

After several rounds of a Small reusable Dehumidifier Moisture Absorber, I weighed her and she is 137lbs.
Since the garage she is stored in is fairly humid, My plan now is to put a 2nd port in the stern and blow dehumidified air through the boat.
I'll rig up some cardboard ductwork from a portable dehumidifier. Has anyone tried that approach - will it be fast? Due to issues with my HOA,I can not leave the boat outside.

My plan is to make this my frostbiting boat - for the last few years I have been frostbiting in a Laser at Monmouth Boat Club in Red Bank NJ..
If anyone is interested is sailing there please let me know.

Andy Zangle

CJ congrove

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I used this technique on an older boat that was quite overweight. My boat was in a barn which isn't climate controlled. I was able to get about 40lbs out of it in about 2 weeks. I just had one inspection port behind the cockpit and had some dryer vent ducting that ran from the dehumidifier up as far as I could snake it into the boat. Good luck!


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Hi Andy,

I would encourage you not to put in the second port. I have a port near the stern, and every time I look at it, I just think ”UGLY”! It was ugly when I put it in, and it’s even uglier now that age, even with the boat under a cover, has yellowed it. When I see other boats with ports anywhere but behind the splash rail, I also think “problem”.

Instead, maybe you could run a shop vac hose or something similar into the nether regions of the boat, and blow the dry air through that. Humid air rises so all you need to is move the air around, and assuming the boat is right side up, the water vapor is going to exit the one port easily.

Just my opinion of course. Best of luck whatever you do.

BTW. I grew up sailing/boating on the Shrewsbury and Navesink. It’s a great place.


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I don't think you need a second port.. Wrap it in black plastic with the port vented and put it in the sun. Alan on the forum uses a duct fan to move the air.

beldar boathead

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The boat is only 10 lbs or so more than it left the factory. Might as well try the one port method with a duct. This humid weather is certainly not helping things, but if it isn't showing more weight loss in a couple weeks, then put in a second port. I don't think a second port in a 21 year old boat is unexpected or too unsightly.


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I just weighed the boat (twice) and it is now 126.6lbs!! I am very happy.
I also repaired the leak in the daggerboard trunk.
I did put a second port in at the stern to get flow through the boat.
I used a combination of a rechargeable DEERMA Small Dehumidifier Moisture Absorber, and an portable dehumidifier.
I rigged up a cardboard duct and sent air from the port near the splash rail to the stern. After that I rigged up a hose and fished that up to the bow.
I probably had the dehumidifier going for 2 to 3 weeks.
Next steps are to clean it up, fix a couple of minor rigging issues and take her sailing!!!