Did he, or didn't he? World Cup Laser medal race

Did he touch the mark?

  • Yes

    Votes: 2 25.0%
  • No

    Votes: 5 62.5%
  • Can't tell

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Upside down?
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This past Sunday, I was watching the Laser medal race from the World Cup Hyeres event.
Here is the link:

At the end of the first leg, Tom Burton is leading by just a bit. In my eyes, he appears to touch the mark while rounding, but he may not have noticed. No penalty taken or given.

It's around 8 min 46 sec into the video.
What do you see?


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Nice catch. I was watching it, too, but didn't notice this. You can see a tiny highlight on the buoy where the end of his boom is, for a split second... If there was contact, it was so slight and brief that he didn't see it himself. And neither did anyone else, at least not the judges who are on the opposite side of the mark. So I'd vote for "probably, but give the benefit of the doubt".

(And by the way, embedded Youtube videos show up as a blank space now. I wasn't able to post even the URL of a video the last time I tried. Works ok on my phone, though. What am I doing wrong?)
I am unsure, what with telephotos and such, but I would suggest that what appears to be a touch of the mark is actually a pull on the mainsheet as he prepares to gybe

Steve and Alex from Indented Head
I watched in on YouTube proper at full screen. At first glance, it appears like he touched it with the boom because the buoy seems to move as if rubbed by the boom, but I think it is just coincidence. You can also see the same phenomenon with a few subsequent boats. The buoy also doesn't rotate or distort. Secondly, there would I think be a noise if it rubbed that much, attracting his attention. Lastly, given the high level of competition, I think someone else would've noticed if there was a foul. Just my 2 cents.


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Changed my vote after watching the long version, which includes all the medal races of that day. The "highlight" I mentioned that is visible in the short version is just an artifact caused by the lower resolution.

Good reminder why judges are very skeptical about video evidence.