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Dick Tillman passed away on October 15, 2020


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It is my sad duty to report that Dick passed away the morning of October 15 with his three daughters by his side.

He received many accolades over the years as a true Corinthian sailor and a (world class) champion in more classes than almost anyone. Dick may be best known for his book on sailing the Laser, but later on he became fond of the Sunfish as well. Significantly, he presided over the International Sunfish Class Association from 2002 to 2006.
He was recently inducted into the ILCA Hall of Fame for his many contributions to Laser sailing.

Dick, a graduate of the Naval Academy, will be missed by all who were fortunate to get to know him.


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I know I learned plenty about sailing the Laser from his excellent books... the first one I ever saw was THE NEW LASER SAILING, it was on a shelf in the Coronado Public Library so I picked it up to leaf through it, and wound up checking it out from the front desk. Read it several times too, cover to cover... that's the hallmark of a good writer, that ability to draw readers and keep 'em coming back for more. Great books, concise and well-written... R.I.P., Dick Tillman, you were the man. :cool:

I can think of only one other author who affected me that way when it came to nonfiction: Jerry Schad and his excellent field guides. Picked up AFOOT & AFIELD IN SAN DIEGO COUNTY one day and started leafing through it... not only did I check out the book, I bought my own copy pronto, and regularly bought additional copies as gifts for family members. Excellent guidebooks, created for the same reason Dick Tillman had in writing his books: to enlighten others. Two good contemporary authors now gone, but their works will live forever... :rolleyes: