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Designers Choice?


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I'm new here and looking for a somewhat simple daysailor for sailing the Tampa Bay area. I've windsurfed for years but the knee says no more :)

Down the street is a Designers Choice that looks to be in good condition and wondering if anyone may have sailed one or has thoughts on it.
The link is for info only and not the boat in question but I've listed pics of the actual boat. What I'll call the hardware all looks good and operational, not stuck, rusted, etc.
Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.



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I own one.. I and I love it.. quick (plans) and relatively stable.. this one here is known as the Shadow, you have a place to sit.
that is a good price

I put that info in at https://sailboatdata.com/sailboat/designers-choice-howmar

I paid $1100 for mine, with an almost new trailer.. so that prices is pretty good
I didn't/don't have a spinnaker and mine wasn't stored inside.

The one con for me... (and I am older) it is almost a two person boat... but if you windsurf... you probably will have no problem