DePersia bailer


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So... with the metal cap totally removed, the cockpit actually drains pretty quickly, but I'm not too fond of holding the cap in my hand, in case I take a dunk! I think I'll try an old fashioned, rubber transom drain plug, with a lanyard and see how that goes. With the cap on, it "trickles" thru the holes in the threads. Thought about enlarging the holes, but if the rubber drain plug works, that may be the current setup. BTW, the DePersia balls have been long gone, but the cap still actually screws on/off nicely by keeping it lubed. It's the original 69 bailer.
Anyone else do something similar?


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Oh yes.....totally filled the cockpit when not moving and the plug pulled. Once just short of on a plane (3-4 kts maybe?) started draining. Twice that speed it sucked right out...probably 5-10 times as faster than going thru the little holes in the cap threads. I had to send down the rubber on the plug diameter to fit the Depersia thru hull...but it is now faster to pull and remove the new plug than twisting the Depersia cap, hoping you don't unscrew too much and end up losing it. At $50 on Ebay, that might be painful.


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While looking about for mast caps and bow handle, I found a De Persia cap for sale at $75. :eek:

How about a fatter rubber washer on the De Persia cap? (And a tether?)

A "bait-well" stopper might fit without sanding.



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The plug I got fits perfect....has the flip handle to tighten/enlarge the rubber plug so it stays. The Depersia cap drains much too slow