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Depersia bailer parts


My bailer housing , ball and seat are in good shape. When I pulled the bailer I found a flat gasket on each side of the bailer. I did not find an o ring on bailer metal housing?

I did find a rock which jammed the ball open?

The brass bailer inside the cockpit had an o ring missing. This keeps the bailer open or closed and without the o ring it doesn't stay open or closed well.

Can anyone shed some light on what should go between the metal bailer housing and the hull and under the nut? Mine had the same flat rubber type gasket on both ends.


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Could be different gasket types were used at different times. The underside of the Bailer has a
recess like a flat gasket was intended, however, I have one with an o-ring. I could not find
a flat gasket that fit. Not really a problem since we have 3M 5200 to work with nowadays.
If your gaskets are still pliable you're good to go, you could always add a thin layer of sealer
to the gaskets just to be sure.

Alan S. Glos

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Yes, Webfoot1 is spot on. A little ribg if 3M 5200 is a good idea as it improves a watertight seal and will keep the bailer from moving around.

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY