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DePersia Bailer Flange Nut


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This De Persia flange nut was somewhat corroded, so this Snap-On six-point socket fit it. A new nut may require a slightly larger size.

Fullscreen capture 4302017 31541 PM.bmp.jpg

An Eastman 45041 plumber's set of sockets (eBay $8) should contain the 1-7/16ths socket you need. (The largest in the set).

A handy set for plumbing jobs also—including replacing heating elements in water heaters. :)



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I'll go get a couple this week and mail one to you. I never have any luck
finding things at the big-box stores. Usually Ace and True-Value seem to
work best.


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If you go to: Freshwatersystems.com they have Brass Flange Nuts
in a range of sizes. I can't remember but I think it was a 1/2" nut.
I had my bailer with me when I went to the hardware store so
I did not measure.