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Deck stripe question


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I am getting ready to paint my Sunfish. Its an 88 but I really like the look of the blue center stripe on the newer models,
Similar tothe one shown below.
I would like to do a straight copy cat of it. I cannot seem to find a good top down image of the paint scheme anywhere.
Do any of you know how wide this stripe is? Also, I am going to use Rustolem Topside Navy Blue ontop of a semigloss white deck.
will that color blue be suitable?




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My boat has that color scheme. The stripe is about 1/8" shy of 12" at the bow, and about 12 1/8"at the stern. Odd that it isn't exactly 12" throughout or noticeably wider at stern than bow, which I think would look cool as well.

I couldn't tell you anything about the shade of blue as I don't have color swatches, but I imagine that any shade that you personally like would be suitable.


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That's exactly what I did. In fact I also used Rustoleum topside navy blue. I made the strip 12" as well.


The only thing I would recommend is to make sure you thin the paint before you tip with a brush and also use 3M platinum tape to tape off the strip. It worked really well and I didn't have any paint bleeding under the tape.
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