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Hello! I am new here. I have a 1970 laser with needs a bit of TLC. The deck paint is cracked and peeling. I dont think it's the original paint as I believe the deck used to be cream but is now white. Should I just give it a good wash and repaint it again?
Deck OEM was Gel coat. The essentially make the hull from the outside in.

They have molds shaped for the outside of the hull and deck, these are sprayed with a release agent then gel coat then they lay in the fiberglass. (now there are 3 or 4 possible methods of doing the fiberglass and not sure which was used when on Lasers)
Then the wood hard points and stringers (if any...) and more fiberglass.
After this is all ready, they trim the hull and deck edges and join them. (supposed to be permanently but for extreme restoration it can be split)

Its very likely to have been repainted. If the old paint is cracking and peeling it might need to all be removed before repaint.

So, we'll need pictures to get an idea on how to proceed.

You can go ahead and test to try to identify the type of paint.
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Put a little on a paper towel and rub the paint.
Find which does best at removing paint. These will not damage the gel coat or fiberglass if used in reasonable amounts. (can't store them in a fiberglass container)
Yep... that paint has to all come off before repaint or it will just keep peeling.

Looks like they didn't prepare the surface correctly before painting.