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I got some Harkin 365's with some one inch risers as someone, somewhere suggested and am wondering

1) Where to attach them. I was told to put them right across from the mainsheet rachet block. My question is do I through bolt them at the far corner of the cockpit? OR more to the outside, in which case I would need an inspection prt to get at them. Putting them directly across from the mainsheet block means I would need to sit on the block a little when moving far forward in light air for example. With a 1" riser, that would ne very uncomfortable so I am considering leaving out the riser.

2) Dan from Windline said don't use one at all cuz it will make you lazy. I would only use it very rarely ...

Any thoughts ... thanks for all the advise I have been getting around here ... :)

As far away from the ratchet as possible while still being able to through bolt them through the cockpit lip.

You'll find you need some kind of riser; either the one inch blocks or an angled riser. The slope from the ratchet to the block will cause the mainsheet to pull out of cleat if it's not either raised or angled.
If all you do is race then the cleats are of minimal value as you're moving the sheet all the time to maximize angle and sail shape. If you sail they are invaluable unless you've got forearms like Popeye.
If you are planning to race I would suggest rethinking. If you attach them "at the corners" then you eliminate those locations from your efforts to balance the boat fore and aft. I don't think you want to be sitting on them.

If you are just sailing around then go for it.

My boat still has the hook on the lip. I have also installed a ratchet block. If I need a free hand I will loop the sheet over the hook and then over the sheet as it enters the block and pull snug. That usually provides enough friction to let go for a while.
Paul D:
Could you possibly send an ephoto or two of how you installed your block relative to the hook? All i have is a hook and i can't quite figure out how to use it. ("New" & "Free" boat.)

Figures I've got a ton of fish pictures and not one is close enough to see the block.
So here's a word picture. A Harken 009 Hexaratchet, eye strap, 2 stainless bolts with nylock nuts and washers and coil spring for equipment.
The mounting location is on the boat's centerline and through bolted into the cockpit on the front cockpit lip with the two bolts straddling the centerline. The spring is to keep the hexarachet from flopping over on it side when not under the tension from the mainsheet.

Removal of the cockpit mainsheet hook is advisable when adding the hexarachet as you knee will sooner or later find it on a fast tack. I've got a scar to prove it.