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Deck cleat opinions

Chatham Sailor

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Anyone have a strong preference for the harken, Allen or nautos deck cam cleat products? The first two just look so different (at least on surface), I have to imagine they behave a little differently. Big difference in price anyway. Thanks.


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Reminder: all and any cam cleats with 28 mm hole spacing are legal; it's only the cleat base (including the wire front fairleads) that has to be "builder supplied" :rolleyes:

I have on my boat Allen A677 (composite) cleats with A497 "Mega" (stainless edge) Pro-Leads. If I didn't have those, I'd probably go for Harkens of similar design and materials. There are no significant differences between the cleats themselves from different manufacturers, so it's the necessary fairleads that make or break the deal. For instance, Ronstan still has no fairlead on the market that would work here.


Chatham Sailor

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I probably shouldve specified that I meant the cleats for the Cunningham and outhaul. I know some people use other ones for the sheet but I’m not interested in that.