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DaySailer mast stepping; need help


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I just got a very great condition 79 Daysailer. I am trying to figure out the best way to step the mast by myself. I will be sailing most of, if not all of the time. I have searched all over YouTube and the only video that I can find on this. is a daysailer that has been modified with a hinged mast. Thank you in advance for any help on this matter.

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It can be tricky stepping a mast by yourself... no need to get hurt or damage equipment before you even launch the boat. When sailing my friend's C-15 out of the National City ramp (Coronado 15, a nice boat), we'd all pitch in and help step the mast, keeping an eye toward safety. As long as the standing rigging was laid out right (no chance to get fouled in any way), one person could do it, but it was always easier with help. Dunno where you launch, maybe you can sandbag a passerby or two to briefly help... I used to sandbag those Seal Team guys in Coronado all the time to help flip my Laser & Minifish on & off the car. Offer 'em a beer for doing it too, but most of 'em were happy to help, they were on their way to town to go party anyway, or returning drunk, ya know? Of course, that boat ramp in Coronado is located right next to NAB (Naval Amphibious Base), so that made the recruitment easy. In that sense, it might pay off to launch in a location where help can be sandbagged or bribed, so to speak, LOL. :confused:
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