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Damaged the bow loop


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Damaged the bow loop for the trailer winch hook. It’s not real bad yet, but the fiberglass is open around the loop circumference. Any ideas about how to fix this?


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Ouch. What caused that? I don't have one of those loops on my boat -- just the bow chainplate.

Your hull number is probably on the transom. My '85 has a metal nameplate but the hull number on that is impossible to read. But the number is also hand engraved in the gel coat just below the deck joint in the upper corner of the aft side of the transom.


Ouch is right. I do not have that either. I wonder if it was added later? Have you gotten a look at the backing plate that's on the inside?
In the short term, you could put some caulk around it and be gentle when winching it onto the trailer. Also, when you're on the road I would add a line from the bow chain plate to the trailer to make sure the boat stay on the trailer if that fails completely.
The real solution is to rebuild the fiberglass in that part of your bow. And you might add a layer of glass around it inside to distribute the load to the sides of the bow.