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Damaged Capri for free


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damage to masthead, centerboard, needs glasswork to centerboard trunk and mast step. jib ripped. complete except for damaged fittings, etc. no trailer, though I have an old trailer that could be fixed up.


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boat is in Chester CT. the trailer is for another boat, old and rusty, I got tires for it some years ago, but will have to check to see if they are any good.
I bought a 1998 14.2 today without a boom or mainsail. If you decide to part yours out, I'd be interested in those parts. Thanks


Is this boat still available? I am trying to acquire a couple more boats so I can teach youth racing on our small lake. The condition of a boat is not as important as the completeness. Students will do the restoration work if all of the parts are available. This is a limited budget project and is intended to help kids learn to sail and race - no charge for the classes. If anyone can help, please let me know.