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Daggerboard sticking in trunk


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I bought a 1984 Sunfish, and the wooden daggerboard gets stuck about 3/4 the way in. I started sanding it down, since the previous owner put some thick paint on, but then I measured the thickest parts, and it is all within the 27/32nds of an inch from the specs.

It looks like the top of the trunk has a lip that is not flush with the middle part. Perhaps the prev owner did some repairs and laid epoxy too thick? Should the daggerboard trunk be the same width throughout, or is the lip supposed to be there?

I'm guessing my next move is to either sand down the inside of the trunk, or plane the daggerboard down more to fit. Thanks for your advice.



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The lip repair is made with "matt" fiberglass (straight strands) which I haven't found anywhere in factory Sunfish. Use a backing board with sandpaper and remove some of the older repair and check the fit—'til the board gets loose. :)