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Daggerboard repair??


Hello all,
I just purchase a 2006 Sunfish, the bottom 5/16” of the daggerboard has been removed from hitting gravel- rocky bottom of local lake. Just curious what would be the best permanent repair to get it race ready. Would building back with Marine Tex to the 44” max length be strong enough or would the build up need additional structural support?
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Small repair. I have done almost 4" repair with MarinTex. I made a mold and put in bolt shanks and nails to give it some strength.

The key understanding is that the Marine Tex needs a 'wide' area of around 80 grit sand scratch as the epoxy grabs onto the scratch. You want to feather back some along the edges first. Not sure from the pictures, but larger chunks should also get some nails for additional side ways strength. You can wax up some plastic and tape it to the backside to help with form if needed. You want to be sure that the backside got a light brushing of epoxy if the taper is hidden by the plastic.

Wide are is kind of loose definition. It kind of depends on how big a chunk you are fixing. My view point has been wider is better and have gone in with a file to taper back like a 1/4" or a bit more for the larger repairs.

Hope this all makes sense.
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