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Early in the season, my daggerboard will float in the daggerboard trunk, so I understand the need for the "side load" provided by the spring. The clip also prevents damage to the top piece, by slowing the board's drop into sometimes empty space.

But has anyone seen a reason to not install a second clip partway down, rather than have the bungee cord?

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Spring would stick out the bottom of the Dagger Board slot.
Any solution involving a device in the Dagger Board slot would
complicate the current simple zero failure rate system. It's
possible you could lengthen the current spring a inch or two.


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I wouldn't do this needing quick adjustments etc. But a barrel bolt on deck or similar could be fashioned to go into various pre drilled holes in the dagger board. I wouldn't do it ,,,, just thinking outloud but you could ditch the shock cord then. If you don't like the cord it is less out of the way going around the splash rail

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Adding a second spring may complictate raising and lowering the boar one handed, depending on trunk, spring and board fit. Not all are equal.

The daggerboard needs a retaining line, to keep it from floating away after a capsize. Sunfish used to sell a piece of line before the Age of Bungee. I find the current bungee setup to be the most convenient for rigging and use on the water.

I added stainless rings and eyestraps to some of our wooden boards. Another option is to drill a hole in the daggerboard cleat if there is not one there already for a retaining line.

Daggerboard ring eyestrap.jpg

I tried to go cheap with a short bungee run just up to the mast, but the geometry is off to raise and lower the board one handed. You can see the problem with just a simple retaining line, it can get jammed into the slot.

bungee retain daggerboard.jpg

You need 10 feet of bungee and 2 clips to go up to the bow handle AND back. Or 5 feet one way. We settled on 5 feet and we like brass shackles like the old sheet clip on the end vs the plastic, easier to hook and unhook with theses older fingers.

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