Dagger Board/ Rudder Storage

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Not wanting to spend $50 or more for a dagger board or rudder bag or hard case, I did a little looking around. What I found was a rifle case by Doskocil. It is about 52.5" long x 16.5" wide x 4.5" thick, is black with Doskosport molded in to the case. Best thing, it was only $19.99 :D at Galyan's sporting goods (http://www.galyans.com). For those of you who don't have a Galyan's nearby, you may be able to find it at a Bass Pro Sop or other large department type sporting goods store. The only draw back I have found is that the tiller must be removed to fit :( . I just keep a pair of 7/16" wrenches under the foam for that purpose. I also wrap the dagger boad with a towel to keep the wood surfaces apart. It should be able to handel the newer, longer "plastic" racing boards. No more worries about damaging my boards.
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Don't know about a wingnut being legal or not. I like the security of the ny-lock nut. I don't have to worry about it coming loose on the water. I keep a few extra stainless ny-lock nuts in the case in case the current one feels worn out.
How about a nylock wingnut??? I think those are available.

Also a question out for anyone......does the archery type case which some people use for blades have room to put the folded up rudder/tiller assembly in without disassembly?

I find the whole assembly rather clumsy and awkward to protect when it is off the boat.

tim i have one of those archery cases in my attic for when i go to the far away races. ill bring it down and check for you tonight or tom.
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If you look closely at the open view of the hard case (archery case) that APS sells, the tiller is removed.(http://www.apsltd.com/Tree/d3000/e1419.asp). APS p/n APS594 @ $69.95 (plus extra shipping). The case I found is alot cheaper, a little slimmer and a bunch lighter with the same 2 padlock holes, 4 latches and the same disadvantage. It may not have as much room to store extra stuff, but with carefull coiling, I can carry all of my lines. Hope this helps
i just checked to make shure that you cant twist the rudder/tiller around to make them fit and i cant get them in. you would have to remove the tiller. also another drawback is that one side does not have padding on it. it only has 2 strips to hold arrows. i went to a hardware store and bought some foam and that cost me about $20 on top of the case. just another thing to think about if you want the case.
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Considering that both types of cases require removing the tiller, I'd go with the much cheaper and smaller one like supercub's. Since I drive a little VW, I need all the room I can get!