D7: Masters Midwinters East - Final day


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Report from Peter Seidenberg:

There was no racing today. The warning gun for the first race of the day was supposed to be at 10:30, but the postponement flag went up instead at 9:30 with the announcement that there would be no race attempt after 12:30.

The bay looked glassy for most of the morning convincing the RC at around 12:00 that it would be useless to wait any longer, and so they pulled the plug and let us de-rig and pack up. The cook-out at 12:30 was followed by the price-giving at 1:00, and most sailors were on their way home or over to Clearwater Beach for the Open Midwinters East by 2:00 p.m. Some had even packed up and left earlier.

There were no complains, though. We had five fair and square races, including a throw-out, over 3 days in warm and sunny weather - and a lot of time to socialize with Masters sailors from all over the US, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Chile, and Dominican Republic.


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We had a really good week with great sailing and weather for the three Masters events. Hopefully, everyone had a good time sailing and socializing. PBSC and DIYC did great jobs on the water and on the beach. Thanks to all the volunteers who made everyone feel welcome and to your good work running races.

Thanks to all for making the trip to come play with us in the sun and sea in Florida. We missed those who didn't make it. Get your self set to do it again next year. Dates will most likely be Feb 11 to 18.

And don't forget to come to Ft Walton Beach, May 20 - 22 for the NA Masters. We'll be sailing in the Gulf of Mexico in a really neat place and should have nice accommodating sea breezes. This is a great chance for all you Midwesterners and Texans to come to Florida. You're as close to Ft Walton as I am! See ya there.