D18 Regatta - Cowen Lake OH May 4-5


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Subject: CLSA Laser Regatta

> Have you seen this weekend's forecast??? It's currently sitting at 70
degrees with 8-10kts of wind and gust to 14. What could be more perfect for
a spring time Laser Regatta?
> We've currently got 16 confirmed and 3-5 on the fence. Looks like it's
going to be a great weekend. If you know of anyone that is coming that
hasn't told me yet, please get them to email me today. I go grocery shopping
on Friday, and if people show up that we're not expecting, the food could be
a little thin.
> Text your friends, call your relatives, post on Facebook (John)! this is
going to be a perfect sailing weekend!
> See you Saturday morning!
> Howard Miller