D12 District Opening Event in SC

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District 12 is kicking off the season in Beaufort, SC on April 19-20 with the South Carolina State Championship Laser Regatta. The event will be held at the Beaufort Yacht Club.

This time of year typically brings a great sea breeze and this event has drawn between 40 and 60 boats in the past. This will be the 3rd time BYSC has hosted the event and past race management has been great. Come check out our new back porch bar with open keg and wide screen TV for post sailing video! Lots of room for camping too!

Go here to pre-register: http://www.byscnet.com/

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Water is around 60. Maybe a bit higher. Bring the wetsuit just in case a cold front comes through. Wont' likely happen, but you never know.
Is anyone arriving early on Friday? The NOR mentions a practice race at 4:00 - I am planning on getting there around lunch-time.

I assume the club will be open??????

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It's a toss up. 2 years ago we had about 14 boats on the water by 4:30. Last year only 2 guys showed up, but it was cloudy and looked like it might rain at any moment.

Showing up at lunch to set your "regatta camp" will be fine. I think we're doing some kind of drinks and snacks later in the day so there will be folks around.


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Looks like 39 boats so far. This may be a stupid question, what sets the order of names on the pre-registration list? It's divided by Laser, Radial and 4.7, but from there it seems fairly random and fluid. One day I'll look and my name is at the bottom of the list. A few days later, it's shot up to the top. Is somebody placing odds on who they think will win?

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Pllllaaaaceeee you bets!!!!!!!!!! Round and round and round it goes, where it stops nobody knows!!!!!!!!!!!!

Up to 39 and counting. We should easily have 45 boats for the District kick off event.

Weather is looking great for breeze!!!!!!!!!!

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