[D12] 2nd Championship Event in Savannah

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Does anyone know if we need to pre-register for this?

Also, which hotel are people staying at? I stayed at the Holiday Inn last year - a room, nothing great. Suggestions?


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If it's at the same place, they launch out of a marina. I guess it would depend on how the marina owner feels about people camping in his parking lot.

Of course, right next door is the old resort they used as a launching point for the '96 Olympics. Last I saw, it was boarded up and had no running water.

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You could probably get away w/sleeping in your car, but the no-seeums would carry you away. There are bathrooms w/water. I can't remember if there are showers. I think there are a couple.
No, you don't need to pre-register. Sleeping in a car is probably the best bet if you want to be very close. I am pretty sure there are 2 or 3 showers on site.

I stayed with Eric Oetgen last year and may try to stay with him again this year so I have no idea about hotels in the area.


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Well the Sheraton hotel you are thinking of has been converted into condos. There may be a few available for nightly rental but that is going to cost you a ton. There aren't really any hotels I can think of around the launch site at Sail Harbor. Sleeping in your car or finding a friend to stay with is probably the best bet. Wilmington and surrounding Islands are primarily residential thus the lack of hotels.

PS: I hope you all enjoy your stay in the city TLF is based out of!


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Arland Whitesides said:
You can go to D12 site and pull up and print registration form. No online registration.
It’s always nice to pre-register.

Lots of us do pre-register as Sat. night dinner is catered and host needs to know in advance about no. of diners.

We’ve stayed lots of places, mostly national chains. All are about the same. Everyone stays all over the place.

Hope this helps somewhat.