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Larry, a category 5 cyclone--same thing as a hurricane--hit Australia. My morning paper said that the Australians learned from the Katrina experience and evacuated quickly when warned to do so. I hope that all of our Australian sailor friends fared well.
I also just got to know about the news from yesterday evening newspaper. The aftermath is bad. And people are also warned of poisonous snakes and crocodiles emerging from the flooding area.

Me, too, hope that all Australian sailors are safe and sound.
The cyclone was in the northern part of Australia (Queensland) and afftected the town of Innisfail the most. I'm safe way down here in NSW. The best news is there was no-one killed, some injuries, and a LOT of destruction.

Thanks to all that send there well wishes.
I hope it is not as bad as katrina. Hurricanes suck because they cause so much damage and they pollute the water so much. i remember after we got hit with frances and jeanne in a 2 week period we couldn't sail for a couple of weeks because a couple of local marinas were completley destroyed and all the gas came spilled out of the boats. Not to mention all the moored boats in the ICW.
From the footage on tv it looks pretty bad. I live in south-east queensland and the cyclone was in north queensland.

There is another one off the coast at the moment but it is expected to stay out at sea. However, if it randomly does decide to come ashore it is now likely to hit brisbane (where I live). So things are a little tense here at the moment. It should be all good though as the bureau don't seem to think the cyclone will come ashore.

I hope everyone up north is ok. I don't know if we have any north qlders posting here, but if we do, my best wishes to you all.


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laser2_9804 said:
. However, if it randomly does decide to come ashore it is now likely to hit brisbane (where I live). So things are a little tense here at the moment. It should be all good though as the bureau don't seem to think the cyclone will come ashore.
Best of luck on that. Please keep us posted.


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laser2_9804 said:
The news on the other cyclone is good. It has gone further out to sea and well away from the coast.
That's excellent news. When does the cyclone season end? Right about the time the hurricane season begins in June?
That's great news but you gotta remember that even though it looks like its goin away it might still come back. I remember when we were hit by hurricane jeane they said that it was just going to go off into the atlantic a week before and it circled back around and hit 20 miles south of where i live.
A Friend of mine who is up there just sent me this email:

Hi there,

News on Cyclone Larry. Wow, category 5 cyclone hits Queensland coast. I’m OK.
Generally the intense winds associated with this cyclone were within 90km north and south of the ‘eye’ which hit Innisfail and continued inland west to the Atherton Tablelands. Fortunately Mossman did not receive any intense winds or rain. Cairns received a bit of damage, but as one drives south to Innisfail, damage intensifies significantly.

In response to the devastation crews have been sent to the Innisfail area to assist with clean up. I have been down there for the last 3 days helping out at Mission Beach. Chainsaw work, fuel and water supplies etc. Lifting and shifting, trucks and heavy machinery. I expect to spend a bit of time back down there over the next few weeks.
It is not until one starts cleaning up before one realises the sheer magnitude of work required to restore things.
Houses and buildings damaged. Mainly sheet corrugated iron etc, but some structural + water damage. Powerlines down. Some suburbs expected to be without power until May. Most now have water though.

The forest looked like they have been burnt. Lush thick green rainforest is replaced by brown stags of denuded trees (where they are still standing). Trees, limbs, debris is everywhere. Has taken some people all week to get vehicular access out of their homes.

Cassowaries that are land locked in the Mission Beach ‘rainforest island’ are expected to suffer high mortality rate. Second major cyclone to hit this area in 20 years. This one more devastating than the previous Cyclone Winifred.

I guess this is part of the nature of North Queensland. All in all I have found it simply awesome. The sheer might and power of nature. Although devastating, people and animals all seem unified in recovery and there are smiles, cooperation and good will all around. No deaths attributed to the Cyclone.

He also attached these pics: