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Cutting down tiller Extension


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fixing up used sunfish and now need to fix the tiller extension .... I have a 48 " tiller with and a 24" inch extension. I also have a spare 48 " extension I would like to cut down to 36" and add it to my tiller. Any suggestions on how to?



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Is the 36-inch extension made of "graphite"/carbon/fiber? Is it hollow?

When I've needed to connect the ends of a tapered extension, I measure carefully and use a section cut from a steel golf putter. (The shafts are tapered, strong, and hollow). Save the leftover pieces for other projects—like when winterizing a Sunfish.

Steel putter sections will rust, so spread the epoxy generously. Wrap this "fix" with tape to match. If hollow, a section of steel—or stainless steel—should be driven in and epoxied. Alternatively, golf putter shafts are also constructed of carbon-fiber, so a selected length can be used, with a "plus" of a finished handle.

I've never—ever—thought of a better use for golf clubs. :cool:


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To finish:

While tubular shrink-wrap is available at Wal-Mart, shrink tape accommodates more uses.

Your leftover golf putter pieces can be put to good use: Here, a smooth surface covers the threads that would chafe this winter's hold-down on a deck. (Left of the "X").

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