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Bought a new racing sail and attempted to rig the cunningham but it really doesn't seem to have much of an effect. Are my expectations too high? I have the luff fairly loose to start with (as per dan at windline's instructions) but pulling on the cunningham does very little that i can tell. Nice to have more stuff to play with though! :)

Page 352 in the SF bible has a good picture (with instructions) on rigging (and using) a cunningham and outhaul with puchace(s) (extra power to tighten with). Pages 57 and 194-201 also discusses rigging and using the cunningham, outhaul, jens rig and goose neck.
Also check "Bisoph's Sunfish FAQs" on the first page. Check the item "How to "Tune-a-fish" near the bottom right. The Sunfish Bible probably has the best instructions on using a cunningham/outhaul. Get a copy if you do not have one. In any form of racing, its getting the next little bit (more) of speed out of your "machine". You may not realize or see (much) any difference ajusting any one item, it is the sum total that will make the difference. Unless you practise with all of the little gimmicks, learning how to tighten or loosen the cunningham/out haul, tying a vang, raising/lowering the daggerboard, using a "Jens" rig, shifting your weight and sailing under different conditions, you will not see any improvement. Bottom line, practice, practice, practice. See you on the water.
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Thank you very much for the references, I do have a copy of the Bible but it is a reprint and the picture you refer to on page 352 is pretty hard to make out. The descriptive text on 353 is even harder for me to figure. What I did was to simply run a line from the cunningham grommet, around the place where the two spars meet, and down to a clam cleat on the boom. I gather from the description that there are to be more loops and passing of line back and forth. Likewise with the outhaul.
I guess I'll just have to read it another 20 or 30 times and maybe it will begin to sink in.
Linda, somewhere here I posted about using Harken 236 roller cam cleats on the boom for the outhaul and cunningham. A bowline is tied off a foot or so in front to the cleat, then the line runs around the roller on the cleat and through the bowline loop and back to be secuded in the cleat. This gives a triple purchase. As noted by a reply to my post, you can also add a thimble to the bowline loop to give smoother action to the purchase.