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cunningham binding


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Try rigging primary and secondary on same side of boo, let "static" portion of primary bind and cascade of secondary will slide over gooseck area.


I think are you saying to jam the static side into the crevice as a preventative? That just might do the job. Thank you.


I have the same issue, as you move around the course, it slides forward and gets stuck between the end of the boom and the goose neck bolt and when you want to go downwind and you got competition right there on your ass, you want the Cunningham to come off so you can keep sailing at your best, but you have to practically climb forward in your boat to pop it off, I have been thinking about possibly just putting some tape some where to give it more friction to it wont slide or something, but obviously reset it between races and stuff.


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I wonder why the primary line of my original XD cunningham has a diameter of 6 mm whereas the primary line of the outhaul is only 3 mm. Maybe the primary line of the cunningham has this increased diameter to avoid binding.