CT- Cedar Point Fall Regatta Nov 9

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Held on Sat
43 boats

Very light wind/drifting conditions held the # of races down to 4, the RC did a good job of balancing between getting the races run vs postponing for the next breath of wind to show up.

Kevin Kelley again showed the field his lt air performance is no fluke. Scott MacLeod got a special one day pass from the general, dusted off about 15-20 years of cobwebs and showed that he actually remembered some of the tricks he learned sailing Lasers and Finns in the early 80's. Scott won the tie breaker for second over El Presidente Minth, who showed he's equally adept in drifters or breeze (the very next day was the regular Sunday Frostbite series which Ryan dominated

Rounding out the top 5 were Eric Hesse and Marc Jacobi (who could be heard muttering under his breath about the @#$&@ weathermen and their 20 knot forecasts)

Full Results here