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Does anybody else here like to just cruise on their boat? I love to take my boat to the lake and sail around from one beach to another and explore. I've managed to fit 3 people in my boat before although that was pushing it (two sat in cockpit, one on the front). I think I could fit four if I was determined. (Add one on an intertube in the back :p)

Also is it possible to make extra storage compartments in the boat? Storage seems to be very tight when I am trying to fit water bottles, food, a bag of flip flops, cell phones, wallets, and keys, and an ore in the boat all at once... and on top of that I sometimes bring life jackets just in case I encouter the park rangers. Oh, and I sometimes pick up random things I find in the lake (golf balls, neat looking rocks and sticks)

And yes, haha I'm crazy.

But seriously, does anybody just like to use their Sunfish to explore and cruise around?
Stories appear from time to time. Here’s one about a jaunt from Louisiana to Maine. ( ) --- the rest of the story ( ) That sand beach looks a whole lot more comfortable than the thought of sleeping aboard. More tales in this writeup ( ) and a book to read ( ). Isn’t there a cruising story in the Sunfish Bible too?

Need storage space, build a Sunfish Custom Cruiser ( )